My Story

My name is Beatriz McNelly and I am the President of BeLogic, LLC.  I was the co-founder and vice-president of a high-tech company that sold in 2012 with a multi-million dollar profit.  Looking back, I recognize the many people who were instrumental in our company’s success.

My goal is to pay it forward…  To help small companies grow and succeed as my company did.

I was born in Argentina.  My parents moved to the United States when I was 11.  My dad was a mechanical engineer and my mom was a seamstress.  Once in the United States, they started their own company, Lu-el Draperies.  So I guess the entrepreneur bug was in my blood early on.  I always believed in the American Dream.  Well, actually, it was my parents believing in the American Dream that got us to the United States in the first place!

As I grew older, I worked many different jobs.  I married and had 3 children.  While working for United Airlines, I was recruited to be the executive assistant to the president of a small company.  That job taught me an important business lesson… Without a strong back-office, a company will not succeed.

It was while working with that small company that I met my future business partner.  He was bright and a great salesman.  With others, we came up with an idea for the company and venture on our own.  

Every good company has a strong front office and a back office.  As they sold and developed our product and services, I found myself quickly thrust into the back office of a thriving company.    I taught myself how to navigate through the intricacies of setting up a back office.  At the beginning, it was as basic as using a computer and Microsoft Word.  Then it became more complex as I had to apply for permits and maintain all government contracts.

As the company thrived and I struggled to keep up with the administration of a growing back office, I was blessed to meet some extraordinary people that took time to teach and mentor me.

By the time the company sold we had a CFO and I had an assistant; both of them contributed greatly to the success and sale of the company.

I am a firm believer in the power of hard work and human ingenuity.  I believe the knowledge I have acquired is valuable to others, whether they are just getting started or trying to grow their own companies.