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President and CEO of BeLogic LLC Beatriz McNelly

Beatriz McNelly, President and CEO of BeLogic LLC., has over 20 years of experience navigating the intricacies of back office operations, including:

  • Initial IT start-up, documentation, and training.
  • Developing complex processes and procedures for departments.
  • Managing the details of the entire operations team.
  • Leading the transition to the back office technology system.

Beatriz is savvy and can step right in as COO, at a critical time when you need someone with tried and true experience. She can help manage your operations as a trusted resource and partner. Beatriz has developed highly skilled processes for how you can manage an operations organization. She sees the entire framework and can prepare your operations team for the Exit Planning process when it comes time to lead to a ‘higher’ valuation and standard when selling a company. Basically, she knows the operational ropes.

Prior to BeLogic, Beatriz co-founded and served as the VP of Operations for FiberGate, a high-technology firm. The success of the company was due in part to the development of the Standard Operating Procedures Beatriz created for the firm. Seventeen years later, it was acquired in a multi-million-dollar sale due in part to the organized and well-run back office operations that drove up the company’s valuation during the exit process.

Beatriz is a second-generation entrepreneur and immigrated to the United States from Argentina when she was 11. A mother of three and grandmother of five, she loves to travel in her downtime.

ORGANIZATIONS Beatriz is also active in the following organizations:

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