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BeLogic LLC

Providing virtual Chief Operating Officer (COO) services for companies who need help managing back office operations.

If you’re a CEO of a small business at the tipping point for explosive growth, have you considered:

• How you can reclaim your time and focus on the activities that will grow your company?
• How you can attract top talent from larger companies and retain key employees working for you instead of your competitors?
• What day-to-day activities could you extract yourself from and ensure your team can make decisions the way you would – without you being involved?
• Who could step in and keep the business running for the next two months if you had a medical emergency?
• What’s your exit plan – leave the company to your children, or sell?

About BeLogic

BeLogic provides virtual Chief Operating Officer (COO) services for companies who need help managing back office operations. BeLogic can help you put processes in place that may not have previously existed; specifically, services for Standard Operating Procedures, expense reports and billing procedures, customer service, internal reports and communications with sales and marketing, and the eventual Exit Plan for those preparing to sell their company.

Core Service Offerings


BeLogic Assesment

First, we can assess your back office challenges and how they impact your business. We develop a checklist that helps us quickly determine how we can prioritize and tackle the issues inside your organization.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Take the guesswork out of how your back office works. Developing Standard Operating Procedures for your firm can strengthen your company and put the control back in your hands.

Strategic Planning for Executives

Strategic Planning For Executives

Do you currently have an exit plan? We can help you start now to figure out which option to pursue and can help you prepare your back office operations for Exit Planning.

Companies Get Shaped by Procedures and Plans

Successful companies can address these challenges and more with Standard Operating Procedures for their employees, executives, or contractors. The manuals provide a documented framework of the policies and procedures for how the organization operates at every level and in a variety of situations.

Also, when the time comes to sell your business or to leave it to your children or family members, having an Exit Plan in place – created ahead of time – can lead to a smooth transition and make your company more valuable.

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